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Case of “eavesdropping”: A lawyer files a complaint against Paul Bismuth for “fraud” and “breach of trust”

Maître Frédérick-Karel Canoy announced on Wednesday that he had filed a complaint against Paul Bismuth for “Scam” and ” breach of trust “ after the latter denied being a civil party in the trial “Listening” in which appears Nicolas Sarkozy.

Paul Bismuth, whose name was used as an alias by Nicolas Sarkozy to communicate with his lawyer Thierry Herzog, told AFP on Tuesday that he was not, and would not be, a civil party in the lawsuit which took place. is open Monday in Paris in which the former president is suspected of corruption.

He had “Opposed a firm denial” to the words of Me Canoy who spoke Monday to explain to the press that his client, Paul Bismuth, had become a civil party.

“I don’t know this lawyer”Paul Bismuth replied to AFP on Tuesday.

A complaint against Paul Bismuth

Furious, Me Canoy told AFP that he had filed a complaint with the public prosecutor against Paul Bismuth for “Breach of trust, fraud, complicity, forgery and use of forgery”.

The lawyer claimed to have been “Duly authorized by Me Francis Chouraqui to represent Mr. Bismuth” at trial, which is scheduled to resume Thursday.

“I will be present at the hearing”, he said, specifying that he addressed “To the president” of the criminal court “A precise and factual letter” relating the situation.

Me Canoy, who spoke on the phone with Paul Bismuth on Monday evening, added that he had a new conversation with him on Tuesday evening to be surprised at “His about-face”. “He was muddy”, he said. He also sent her an email on Wednesday morning, which remained unanswered.


In this message which AFP has read, Me Canoy asks Paul Bismuth “If he was pressured?” “, “If he was approached by defense lawyers?” “, “If he was paid compensation? “ and “If he had the promise to obtain French nationality?” “.

For him, without the civil party who is “A material element”, this trial is “Wobbly” and ” has no sense “. To his eyes “The about-face” by Paul Bismuth is a “Takieddine 2”. Ziad Takieddine recently withdrew his charges against Nicolas Sarkozy in the investigation into suspicion of Libyan funding for his 2007 presidential campaign.

Paul Bismuth, who lives in Israel, did not respond to AFP’s new requests on Wednesday.

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