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“C’est la vie”, a pretty comedy about Josiane Balasko as a midwife



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A choral comedy on motherhood is released in theaters this Wednesday, July 28: “C’est la vie”, with Josiane Balasko as a midwife with a strong character.

An experienced midwife sees a young white-bec unloading. Together, they will have to take charge of five future mothers with very eclectic profiles. In It’s life, birth is a long countdown strewn with pitfalls. This choral film crosses little stories to weave the big one, that of a race towards life full of emotions.

The real goal was to make this day a cocktail that will make it a snapshot of life. We go through all the emotions for an hour and a half, I wanted the spectator to have a blast, to be surprised, to laugh, to cry“, summarizes the director Julien Rambaldi. Very credible, Josiane Balasko is the link between all these stories. The actress takes advantage of the promotion of the film to denounce the closure of small public maternity hospitals.”It’s important to show these people who are essential, that motherhood is not something trivial, it is a public service, it is not supposed to make a profit. “

Nice finds and a few poignant scenes, on a worn-out theme, this film, with its 5-star cast, manages to pleasantly surprise us.

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