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Champions League: Bayern Munich-Lyon live

Bayern Munich – Olympique Lyonnais (1-0)
Goals: S. Kumagai (69th)

This is a great missed opportunity for the Lyonnaises. While a simple draw was enough to validate their ticket for the quarter-finals of the Women’s Champions League (a victory would secure them first place), the Fenottes scuttled themselves by losing this Wednesday against Bayern Munich ( 1-0), on the 4th day of the group stage, after a disappointing encounter.

Kumagai played a terrible trick on his former club
To ensure the draw or to seek victory? This was the dilemma facing the players of Sonia Bompastor. From the start of the match, we quickly felt that the Lyonnaises did not really know what to do. Without doubts inhibited by the stake, they were unrecognizable … The Bavarians did not ask for so much. The Germans dominated a dull first period, but did not give themselves any huge chances. The pace rose slightly in the second, as did the OL players who finally created danger but did not find the fault. And what was to happen happened, Bayern Munich ended up achieving its domination thanks to Saki Kumagai (69th). Ironically, it is a former Lyonnaise who came to crucify the Fenottes with a furious impulse. The girls of Bompastor never recovered despite a last standstill at the end of the meeting.

This defeat sounds like a huge underperformance for the Lyonnaises as qualifying seemed to be reaching out to them. Do not worry all the same, they remain at the head of group D and will have other opportunities to validate their place in the quarterfinals, even if they are now under the threat of their opponent of the evening returned only to two small points.


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