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Chevrolet Silverado will have an electric version

AmericaThe large pickup model will have a purely electric version, produced at the same plant as the GMC Hummer EV, expected to be released in 2023-2024.

Chevrolet Silverado EV will compete with rival Ford F-150 EV as well as other electric pickup models that promise to be available on the market soon. Parent company General Motors (GM) said Silverado EV will have a mileage of 643 km per charge, and will be equipped with its Ultium battery pack.

Pick up the current version of Silverado. Image: Chevrolet

Chevrolet also says that the Silverado EV will not affect the petrol engine version, and it plans to upgrade the existing Silverado line of internal combustion engines to the 2022 model.

Information about the Chevrolet electric pickup appeared for the first time in 2020 and the prototype was introduced a few months ago. It seems that the car has many battery capacity options. Competitors Hummer EV will also have versions of one, two and three engines, along with the Ultium battery pack up to 200 kWh.

Currently Chevrolet has not said when the Silverado EV will be produced, while the time is expected to be in 2023 or 2024. GM has said that it will offer 30 new electric cars by the end of 2025, of which about 20 cars will be sold in the North American market.

America – England (according to the Car and Driver)


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