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China bans Tesla cars from entering government buildings

Tesla owners have been told not to park their cars inside some government buildings in China due to concerns about identity theft.

Some Chinese government employees who own Tesla vehicles were instructed to park their cars outside the buildings where they worked. The reason is that the camera system around Tesla cars will capture and store images of these headquarters.

Model Tesla Model 3.

This is also the second time there have been bans involving Tesla owners at Chinese government facilities. In March, it was revealed that the Chinese military had banned Tesla cars from entering their residences because of concerns about in-vehicle cameras being used for surveillance.

Elon Musk responded to those concerns at the annual China development forum. Here, Tesla bosses deny allegations that their cars are being used for espionage.

Elon Musk said in an interview: “If Tesla uses cars to spy in China or anywhere, we will shut down.”

There are many new models of vehicles that have external and internal cameras, but the Chinese military is particularly interested because Tesla’s cameras can be used for continuous video recording and data recording. The military reasoned that the footage was likely sent back to the US. They are also concerned that contact lists from synced mobile devices could be obtained and sensitive information leaked.

Convincing China’s state agencies that they are not spying will be important to Tesla because the country is the largest auto market in the world and the US electric car company’s second largest market. China accounts for about 30% of its sales, and continued difficulties in China will be bad news for Tesla.

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