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‘Choose a Japanese or Korean car – how could anyone dream of doing that’

Each person’s car or house shows his or her personality, Japanese car riders like to be stable, Korean cars like to be modern.

Reading the article “Japanese cars are no longer unique”, I suddenly thought of the sentence “How could a person ever dream”. Hobbies and habits will tell what kind of person someone is. For example, if you enter a house with a classic design, the owner is more likely to have an introverted, peaceful personality. In contrast, a modern-style apartment will belong to an open-minded owner who does not like picky. As for an apartment with a disruptive design, the owner is definitely a pretty “wild” person, always wants to show the ego and does not want to be lost in the crowd.

Cars are the same, choosing the car model also shows the owner’s personality. Choosing a Japanese car is usually middle-aged people, who like stability, are less breakthroughs, even a little finicky. Choosing a Korean car is usually young people with modern style and dignity over quality. Choosing a German car is not only a person with money but also a person with a strong personality who likes to experience new things.

Back to the story of the Camry. The Japanese automaker has been too successful to turn this sedan into a monument, but most must admit it is a boring car. Westerners call the Camry a “boring” car.

To be fair, Camry has in itself the outstanding advantage of Japanese cars, which is “keeping the price”. But have you ever wondered what we are buying a car for. The answer is to serve the needs of moving. So why put the “keep price” criterion on first. Why not buy a car, you have thought about selling. The car is a means of transport so it is very important that it be safe.

I read a survey about car selection criteria in the US, “Safety” comes first. “Famous brand” is even ranked 10th. And especially, Americans have absolutely no concept of “liquidity” – simply understood as the ability to resell for cash – when buying a car. So, putting the “hold on price” first instead of safety is clearly a mistake – fatal!

I am not in favor of a “flashy” car, equipped with all the technologies but has little to do with a safe driving experience. But I also cannot accept a billion dollar car with little comfort. Not to mention the chassis, the body of the Japanese car is far behind the German car.

In general, perhaps because cars are still considered as a jewelry item rather than a vehicle, the Vietnamese people have just canonized Japanese cars in general and Camry in particular.

Readers Duong Hoang Bac


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