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Christophe Naudin, historian and survivor of the Bataclan: “What I expect from this trial”

As the victim of these attacks (I was at the Bataclan this Friday the 13th), I have been wondering for more than five years. The interest of bringing me a civil party, of taking or not a lawyer, of attending the trial … My progress has been gradual, it even continues and will probably continue until September 8, and during these eight months (at least) audience. However, today, I am convinced that it was necessary for me to be a civil party, and that this trial will be important: for the victims, for society, for history.

For the first few months after November 13th, I wasn’t really interested in the subject. I was focused on my desire to enjoy life, to rebuild myself, and too irritated by the “analyzes” of the living room jihadologists. It was not until the summer of 2016 that I began to ask myself a little more seriously the question of becoming a civil party, largely after my discussions with other victims, within the Life for Paris association.

However, I finally waited until April 2017 to do so. It was like a form of procrastination. A kind of worry to see all this come to life again, as I began to perceive the positive results of my reconstruction. It was in the same spirit that I asked for the Victims’ Medal, official recognition and materialized symbol – almost proof – of what had happened to me.

The first civil party meeting I attended was held in October 2017, and it is

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