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Christophe Revault died of peritonitis, according to autopsy

The former goalkeeper, who died suddenly last Thursday, succumbed to peritonitis, an infection due to a germ or a rather serious bacteria.

Christophe Revault, the former goalkeeper of Le Havre but also of Paris SG, Rennes and Toulouse, died suddenly at the age of 49, last Thursday. According to the autopsy, he would have died of peritonitis, an infection due to a fairly serious germ or bacteria that can lead to death if not treated in time, the autopsy revealed. The team got the results. “Additional analyzes have been ordered which will allow the experts to refine their conclusions,” he added. As with any autopsy, toxicological analyzes have been requested, the results of which will not be known for several days, ”declared the public prosecutor of Le Havre, Bruno Dieudonné.

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According to the sports daily, the firefighters intervened at home in Octeville-sur-Mer by entering through a window and found him on the ground, “his back and head resting against the frame of a door”, with a “Slight wound on the top of the head”. They found that his home was not in disorder and the intervention of a third party was quickly ruled out.

He hung up his gloves in 2010 at age 38

Born in the Paris region, Revault was spotted by Le Havre during a youth match in 1988. He then joined the training center of the dean of French clubs before gradually establishing himself in the professional team, then in L1 , and to become a darling of the Le Havre public. In the summer of 1997, he joined PSG, with the difficult task of ensuring the succession of Bernard Lama. The adventure was not easy, however, especially after a 5-1 suffered one night against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, which undermined his confidence. This failure also shattered his chances of joining the France team before the World Cup. But the World Cup-1998 left a mark on him since, following a bet on the evening of the final, he began to sport a smooth skull like that of Fabien Barthez.

He then bounced back in Rennes, before spending six years in Toulouse and then returning to Rennes with a number 2 status. In 2007, he became N.1 again at Le Havre, where he helped the team move up to L1. He hung up his gloves in 2010, at the age of 38 and after more than 450 professional matches, but he remained in the organization chart of the club, as manager, sports director or recruiter, also providing several interim as a coach. He was the father of two children.


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