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Chronicles of the sky. “Black box”: a thriller in search of truth in the universe of the investigation and analysis office

The black box of an airplane. (Illustration) (DON FARRALL / STOCKBYTE / GETTY IMAGES)

Created in 1946, the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) intervenes as soon as an accident or an air incident occurs on national territory. When the accident takes place in another country, the BEA is also contacted if the victims, the manufacturer of the device or the company are French. This independent organization, based in Le Bourget, is one of the best experts in the world.

It is this universe, where the human, industrial and financial stakes are colossal which is at the origin of the inspiration of the director Yann Gozlan for his film. Black Box.

The film plunges us into the heart of the investigation into the mysterious accident in the Alps of a flight between Dubai and Paris. The film is treated as a thriller, immersed in the heart of the BEA which has agreed to open its doors to Yann Gozlan.

Black Box by Yann Gozlan, in the role of the brilliant young engineer, in search of truth, Pierre Niney. It’s always on the screen, it’s rhythmic, where in reality it sometimes takes several years to understand and decipher an accident.

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