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Cinema: 50 years ago, the mythical Fernandel, and his southern accent, left us

Fernandel remains eternal. With nearly 150 films to his list, he left his mark on French cinema. In the 1930s, he began his career on stage where he was spotted thanks to his southern accent and his particular physique. “Ugly to laugh,” he said. But this funny face, he makes it an asset. He moves in dramatic films, in part thanks to the works of Marcel Pagnol, like Angela or The Schpountz. He makes people laugh in great comic films, like Butter Kitchen with Bourvil or the unforgettable Don Camillo.

For the actor, the hour of glory extends. Between 1945 and 1970, more than 202 million spectators went to see his films at the cinema. There are also his songs, which, 50 years later, still make you smile. We cannot speak of Fernandel without evoking his love for Provence, where he was from. In 1970, he had to interrupt the shooting of the last Don Camillobecause he is seriously ill. In her last interview he says his strength, it’s his audience. A few months later, on February 26, 1971, Fernandel passed away. Parisians flock to his home. The world of cinema is an orphan. But 50 years later, Fernandel is still in people’s minds, like a passport to good humor.

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