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Cinema: behind the scenes of the film “Parents d’Élèves”

In Parents of students, Vincent, baby-sitter, is offered to attend the parents’ meeting of the boy he is babysitting. This is how a love story is born from a lie. The now fake daddy will fall for Nora, the teacher. Playing the parent of a student and making the children laugh, this is what will allow him to approach the young woman.

Since Le Maître d’école with Coluche in 1981, there have been a lot of playground comedies, like PROFS and The little Nicolas. There are a few rules to follow on the set. Behind the scenes, you have to pamper the young actors. “A movie set is not Walliby for a child, it is not very welcoming. We wait, we redo things, we are constantly moved, makeup, it’s not very funny. It forced us all to be as festive as possible“, explains the actor Vincent Dedienne, who plays the character of Vincent. In addition to a good dose of humor, it is necessary to speak about our time. In this film, it is question of the complicated relations between the parents and the teachers. Camélia Jordana, who plays the role of Nora, and Vincent Dedienne try their hand at the exercise with success.

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