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Cinema: Catherine Frot discovers the profession of breeder of roses



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“La fine fleur”, the new film by Catherine Frot, will be released in theaters on June 30th. A film which should appeal to lovers of roses. The actress plays there a designer of roses: a rare profession.

It is a little corner of paradise, lost in the Loire countryside, located in Montagny (Loire). Dince 1828, the Dorieux family has been growing roses. Two years ago, it hosted the shooting of the film “The fine flower “, with actress Catherine Frot. The family, who remembers good times with the film crew“, initiated the actress to the rare profession of breeder of roses. She was taught to do the professional’s gestures, (…) she asked for a lot of advice during complicated scenes“, says a family member.

I was given this emotion of roses“, Catherine Frot confides to our camera.”It is a work of detail, of observation, something both scientific and manual. (…) It’s a miracle in fact“, explains the actress, still under the spell. To thank her, the Dorieux family even named a rose bush in honor of the actress. They hope that the film will arouse vocations, the profession of breeder of roses being very little known to the general public.

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