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Cinema: Fernandel died 50 years ago

On February 26, 1971, the announcement of Fernandel’s death led many Parisians to crowd in front of his home at the time. His burial was worthy of a head of state: a large crowd mourned him. The artist, who made the French laugh, left them orphans. His grandson, Vincent Fernandel, theater teacher, talks about his heritage. “I am always very amazed when I see how the name Fernandel evokes a smile, joy, and lightness in people.“. His grandfather marked, according to him, the cinema”artistically, but above all humanly“.

Thanks to Marcel Pagnol, Fernandel, whose real name is Fernand Contandin, has earned his stripes as a dramatic actor. But the Don Camillo of 1952 has remained in everyone’s mind. 50 years after his death, the figure of Fernandel remains mythical, according to historians. There are also songs left of him that always make you smile, like Félicie too. His complicity with the public was undoubtedly the secret of his popularity.

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