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“Cinema gave me life”: New Zealand director Jane Campion receives the Lumière Prize in Lyon

During the Lumière Festival in Lyon, Jane Campion received the Lumière Prize from another director, the French Julia Ducournau.

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In Cannes, 28 years separate their respective Palme d’Or. The New Zealander Jane Campion was, in 1993, the first sacred woman director on the Croisette for The piano lesson. The French Julia Ducournau was the second, for Titanium, This year. In Lyon, for the Lumière Festival, the two directors on stage. The photo is unpublished.

Julia Ducournau, moved, confides on stage having realized that Jane Campion had it “saved from loneliness on numerous occasions, in each of her films.“The distinguished director is moved by this prestigious Lumière Award received in the birthplace of cinematography:”Cinema gave me life. And being here is like going to Bethlehem! Where the Lumière brothers invented cinema… But they also had wives and assistants, didn’t they? Well I think of them.

Funny and luminous, Jane Campion conquers the public. She offered him a masterclass, a light on his cinema, his characters who shake up convention …

“She always presents exceptional female beings, who go to the end of their intimate energy without really worrying about the way others look at them”

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Some admirers of Jane Campion were able to preview her eighth feature film, The power of the dog, which is scheduled for release on December 1 on Netflix. “It is very powerful. And it’s very interesting to hear her say that she never judges her characters,“appreciates one of these privileged.

At the end of the Lumière Festival, the masterpiece by Jane Campion will be screened, The piano lesson, in restored version.

Cinema: Jane Campion distinguished in Lyon – Report by Mathilde Imberty

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