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Cinema: “Les Tuche 4”, in theaters on Wednesday December 8


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This is the cinema event of the week: the release of “Tuche 4”, by Olivier Baroux. This family has enjoyed popular success for ten years and is already breaking records.

Recurring gags, and the bold humor of an endearing family: the Tuches are back in theaters on Wednesday December 8 for a fourth part. The preview, organized in Lille, in the North, brought together no less than 3,000 spectators, impatient to find the merry band in this new opus which intends to reinvent the Christmas film. “It’s hard to find films today that make us laugh so much“Says a spectator, visibly won over.

The Tuche 4 is visible in more than 900 rooms. It is a record in France, and this since the eighth episode of the saga Star Wars, released four years ago. After a memorable visit to the Elysée, the “Ch’ti” family is this time back in Bouzolles. Will the Christmas festivities go as planned? See you in the dark rooms to find out!

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