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Cinema: meeting with Catherine Frot, featured in “La Fine Fleur”



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France 2

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Journalist Pascale Deschamps was able to talk to Catherine Frot on the occasion of the release of “La Fine Fleur”, her latest film.

It is in Bagatelle Park, near Paris, that the election of the most beautiful rose bush takes place each year in which Eve, a reed designer on the verge of bankruptcy, will have to train three unemployed people in integration. This is the subject of the film La Fine Fleur, with Catherine Frot. “I would say it’s a film about the beauty of roses, which is quite rare in cinema, but also about the beauty of human relationships.“, assures the actress.

My job is illusion, pretend, make the camera believe. Go look for the eye, the precision of the gesture, the camera comes to seek this pleasure. It’s something we give to the viewer“, adds the actress. Is Catherine Frot a” typically French woman? “”Okay. I feel like a human being on planet earth. And I know there are people who see me like this ever since The flavors of the palace “, motto the actress. In cinema, Catherine Frot has been all the women, who have each left a part of themselves in the actress.

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