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Cinema: The Tuches are back in a fourth opus


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“Les Tuche” is back in the cinema, a year late. The fourth episode of the saga comes out Wednesday, December 8.

The Tuche are back on the screens. Jean-Paul Rouve, drooping mustache and accent from Dunkirk (North), transforms the previews into crazy delirium. Because Covid-19 requires, the wait has been long for the fans. “It’s hard to find films today that make us laugh so much”, comments a spectator. “They are nice, and they are close to the people”, adds a woman.

The humor of the Tuche drew 11 million spectators in three episodes. The fourth will be shown in 900 theaters. This new part takes place during the Christmas holidays, during a New Year’s Eve which promises to be tense: Jeff finds his “beauf” Jean-Yves, and the atmosphere is not really cordial. “At Christmas we always say that people [se] arguing, there is an electric thing. So we said to ourselves: ‘Here, if we bring in some family’ “, explains Jean-Paul Rouve, actor. As always, however, with the Tuche, reconciliation will be at the end of the tunnel.


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