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Cinema: with “L’Homme de la cave”, Philippe Le Guay signs a black thriller on negationism




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Philippe Le Guay’s latest film in which François Cluzet plays a former history professor shelved for having made negationist remarks, which integrates a co-ownership after the purchase of a cellar, poses contemporary questions about our society.

A story with a beginning of a scenario, inspired by real events, quite banal. In a building, the inhabitants meet the main protagonist embodied by François Cluzet. At first glance, he is an affable, sympathetic and very cultured man. Very quickly, his neighbors understand that the first impression is not necessarily the right one and that an intruder has entered their peaceful cocoon. “I wanted to go to the side of the night, the plot, all that is moldy, and a word that, under the guise of asking questions, questions the truth to destroy it“, explains Philippe Le Guay about his film The Man of the Cellar.

It’s great to ask questions, as long as you have a vocation to shed light on the subject you are exploring“, continues the director. And to abound:”But on the contrary, when we try to obscure it and destroy the evidence already established, there is a problem.This film is imbued with modernity, because we live in an era where fake news, deepfakes and other forms of disinformation have never been so present in the public debate, sometimes leaving the audience and the readership helpless. this even if the journalists try to flush them out at all costs.Philippe Le Guay’s film has been on view in theaters since October 13.

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