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Clark Kent’s new Superman is bisexual

In a comic book coming out in November, the new Superman, the son of Clark Kent, will fall in love with a man and take responsibility for his “Identity” of “Bisexual”, announced Monday the publisher DC Comics, a subsidiary of Warner Bros., a new illustration of the adaptation of American comics to changing mores.

“I have always said that everyone needed heroes and had the right to represent themselves in these heroes”, explained the author of the comic, Tom Taylor, quoted in a press release illustrated by a drawing by the artist John Timms, where the son of Superman, Jon Kent, kisses on the mouth a young man, a journalist named Jay Nakamura .

The sequel after the advertisement

Superman’s symbol

The DC Comics ad is headlined: “Jon Kent has found his identity (…) The new Superman is displayed as bisexual. “

Tom Taylor believes that “Superman’s symbol has always been hope, truth and justice. Today this symbol is something more (and) more people can identify with the most powerful superhero in comics ”.

“Superman”, the birth of a myth

In an August issue of Superman, Jon Kent, son of Clark Kent and journalist Lois Lane, befriends reporter Jay Nakamura. In the issue to appear on November 9 in the United States, this relationship will turn into a romantic romance.

“In tune with diversity”

This summer, the rumor of a “Gay Superman” and a “Coming out” of the superhero had agitated trade publications and fan sites.

The sequel after the advertisement

And this is not the first time that American comics want to be more in tune with the diversity of society: the Aquaman series had highlighted this summer a black and gay superhero, while in the last edition of the BD Batman, Robin was also displayed as bisexual.

Dragman, the transvestite superhero who triumphs over prejudices and villains, wins the Angoulême Festival Special Prize

For Ben Saunders, professor and specialist in the study of comics and cartoons, the era is “Less corseted” and it’s “A very good thing”. “With the consequence that popular culture has integrated what some have known for a while: superheroes have always been, potentially, a little queer, says the researcher.

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In this new Superman series titled “Son of Kal-El”, Jon Kent is a superhero with different concerns from his father’s: he is very involved against social injustices, climate change and the refugee crisis.

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