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Classic BMW R18 motorcycle price from 929 million

The nostalgic BMW R18 cruiser model is sold for the first time, the most expensive version of First Edtion costs nearly 1.04 billion VND.

On January 21, BMW Motorrad introduced in Vietnam the cruiser line fitted with the largest displacement Boxer engine ever made by the manufacturer, the R18. Vehicles sold in two versions: standard price 929 million and First Edition 1,039 billion, imported Germany.

Model R18 cruiser First Edtion. Image: BMW Motorrad

The BMW R18 is a commercial version of the concept of the same name, inspired by the legendary R5 series of BMW in the 1930s. The R18 is a more muscular variant in design, more technology in the engine and driving power, while styling is subtle in the classic of seniors in the past.

The cruiser BMW R18 model is 2,440 mm long and the seat height is 690 mm. A 16-liter water drop tank, retro headlight and speedometer. Double disc brakes at 19 inch front wheels and single rear wheel 16 inch 300 mm diameter, 4-piston brake clamp.

Vehicles equipped with full LED headlights with daytime positioning and tilt function for steering angle. Speedometer combines analog and LCD. Smart key. The steering wheel has a heating function.

The above equipment is standard, while the limited edition First Edtion has some distinctive features such as chrome trim in the engine block, brake shackles, brake arms and clutch. Identify “First Edition” on the key and side of the vehicle. Painted white double stripe lines are drawn by hand running down the body.

BMW R18 2021 (left) and R15 (right).

BMW R18 2021 (left) and R5 (right).

Both BMW R18 models are equipped with a symmetrical Boxer engine, electronic fuel injection, air-cooled and liquid-cooled, 91 hp at 4,750 rpm, maximum torque of 158 Nm at 3,000 rpm. In particular, the traction is always over 150 Nm in the range of 2,000-4,000 rpm.

6-speed gearbox, driven by the shaft from the engine to the rear wheel, open. The car offers three running modes: Rain (wet road), Roll (long-distance), Rock (terrain). The maximum speed of the car reaches 178 km / h.

In-vehicle driving assist technologies such as cruise control, auto balance, ABS, assist for horizontal slope departure, anti-slip clutch system, intelligent engine braking, emergency brake assist. The car has a reverse mode to support the driver because the vehicle weight is quite large, 345 kg.

In Vietnam, a large-sized cruiser with an engine of over 1,000 cubic feet outside the R18, the market has a Ducati XDiavel priced at VND 841-960 million. The engine is bigger and more powerful, but thanks to its imported origin, Ducati’s model is more competitive than BMW’s. Technology between the two models is quite similar, while the design is opposing. R18 is nostalgic, and XDiavel seems to be coming out of a fantasy movie.

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