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Clermont – Monaco live – Ligue 1 – Season 2021/2022 – football

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It’s over ! Monaco wins! (1-3)

AS Monaco pocketed the 3 points but it was hard. Mistreated in the first period, Niko Kovac’s men straightened the bar in the second to finally win (3-1). Realism and experience clearly made the difference today.

Buuuuuuuuut from Diop! (1-3, 90th +1)

The young Frenchman will have made a thunderous entry. He makes a malicious gesture to deceive Desmas who is clearly at fault. The match is now closed for Monaco.

Four minutes of added time

Double change for Monaco (87th)

Volland and Ben Yedder are replaced by Aguilar and Badishile.

Yellow card for Diop (84th)

To save time.

Diop hurts (81st)

The entry of the international hope will have done damage in the defense of Clermont. He tries a new shot, deflected for a corner.

Clermontois push (77th)

Allevinah tries a long shot, mBut there was better work for the new entrant. His strike, too crushed, arrives directly in the gloves of Nubel.

Nice atmosphere at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium

Yellow card for Volland (70th)

Succession of faults by the German player.

Dossou not successful (67th)

Alone, the number 24 from Clermont arms his shot but stumbles on Nubel who performs a beautiful parade.

Triple change for Clermont (66th)

Rashani is replaced by Allevinah, Berthomier gives way to Khaoui and Abdul Samed leaves in favor of Iglesias.

Volland on free kick (62nd)

The curled shot of the German’s left foot passes just above the Clermont crossbar.

Rescue of Maripan! (59th)

The Chilean defender, in the duel, takes Bayo speed and prevents him from getting into a striking position against Nubel who had not gone out.

Yellow card for Gastien (54th)

The coach’s son makes an awkward tackle on Diop.

What an opportunity for Dossou! (53rd)

The Clermont striker perfectly hooks the defense of the ASM but his shot, too crossed, touches the frame.

Martins too short! (50th)

On his left side, the young Diop once again addresses a marvel of center that Martins can hardly take back. A few centimeters were missing.

Buuuuuuuuuut de Volland! (1-2, 48th)

The newcomer Diop wastes no time in getting noticed. He infiltrates the left side and sends a good low cross for Volland who concludes perfectly. How cruel to Clermont.

Change for Monaco (46th)

Golovin, very disappointing today, gives way to Diop.

Here we go again ! (1-1, 46th)

The first period was lively, will the second be of the same ilk?

Reactions to the break

It’s half time! The two teams back to back! (1-1, 45th +1)

Widely jostled and led to the score by a valiant Clermont team, the Monegasques made their realism speak for themselves to come back to the score thanks to Ben Yedder. Pascal Gastien’s men are attractive, but too clumsy, like Bayo, scorer but also author of many imprecise strikes.

One minute of additional time

Yellow card for Tchouaméni (45th)

The French international tackles Dossou from behind. He touches the ball at first but has put too much engagement.

What a failure from Bayo! (44th)

The Clermont striker is very generous but also too imprecise. Repositioned on his left foot, his shot flies over Nubel’s goals.

Monaco returns to the match (43rd)

Niko Kovac’s men are better since Ben Yedder’s equalizer. They manage to raise cleanly and keep more of the ball.

Change for Monaco (38th)

Matazo replaces Fofana, who does not understand this decision, very early in the game. Strong choice of Kovac.

Yellow caron for Abdul Samed (35th)

The Clermont midfielder contests a decision by Mr. Millot and is therefore warned. The decision seems quite severe since the player was not virulent.

Bayo, him again! (33rd)

The Guinean is in good shape today. He tries his luck again but his too crushed strike is repulsed without concern by the defense of the ASM.

Yellow card for Pavlovic (29th)

The young Monegasque defender stops the Clermont counter-attack and is therefore logically warned.

Buuuuuuuuuut from Ben Yedder! (1-1, 26th)

Against the course of the game, the French international equalizes. Well served by Henrique, the Monegasque captain perfectly hooks Desmas and crosses his left foot strike well. 1st shot, 1st goal for Monaco.

Berth omier’s turn! (23rd)

The Clermont midfielder shoots a shot at the entrance to the area which is deflected for a corner.

Dossou tries his luck (22nd)

Clermont pushes to double the bet. On a pass from Bayo, Dossou tried from afar but sent his shot out of bounds.

There would be problems with the VAR tonight (18th)

Mr. Millot warned the two trainers that the link with the VAR truck was compromised.

Bayo close to doubling the bet! (17th)

The scorer of the match almost did it again. Served in depth, the Clermont striker comes face to face with Nubel and releases a heavy shot that passes overhead.

What Clermont number (15th)

Pascal Gastien’s players are talking about their technique to keep the ball. Bayo’s dribbling hurts the Monegasque defense.

Martins again! (11th)

Once again served in depth, the number 7 of the ASM takes the upper hand on the Clermont defense, but his strike, a little too forced, does not find the frame.

Buuuuuuuuuuut from Bayo! (1-0, 7th)

Following a nice collective movement from the left, Clermont opened the scoring. Well served by N’simba, the top scorer in Ligue 2 last season appears and storms Nubel with a right foot strike.

Rashani strike! (4th)

On a Clermont against, the Kosovar international tries his luck but his strike is countered at the last moment by Sidibé.

Gelson Martins sets the tone! (2nd)

The Portuguese, well served in the depth, tries a shot at a closed angle but stumbles on Desmas while he had a lone partner in the axis.

The players enter the lawn!

AS Monaco hope to continue their improvement after a difficult start to the season, but the task will undoubtedly not be easy on the lawn of Gabriel-Montpied.

A historically balanced encounter

The two teams have met 6 times since 2005 (2 wins for Clermont, 1 draw and 3 wins for Monaco). The last match was won by AS Monaco on April 22, 2013 (4-0).

Opposing dynamics

The Clermontois remain on a series of 5 games without wins (3 draws and 2 defeats), including a resounding rout in Rennes (6-0) last Wednesday. The Monegasques have only been defeated once in the last 5 meetings (3 wins and 1 draw).

Hello everyone !

Welcome to this live commentary for one of the posters for this Sunday. Clermont (12th) receives AS Monaco (14th) at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium on behalf of the 8th day of Ligue 1. Kick-off 17:00.


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