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CLIP: Venus sends a creepy sound signal to a NASA spacecraft

Thursday, May 6, 2021 16:30 PM (GMT + 7)

NASA’s Parker Sun probe recorded strange sounds in the form of radio signals as it flew into Venus’s atmosphere – the “twin” of the Earth.

According to the operational team Parker from NASA’s Goddard Center for Aerospace, the ship now made its third flight near Venus on July 11, 2020. When decoding data that the ship transmits back to Earth, scientists have found “haunting” radio signals.

Venus – Photo: NASA

However, NASA believes this is a natural radio signal. It’s a low-frequency signal coming from the upper layers of the atmosphere, hitting the spacecraft as it enters this atmosphere. It won’t help us find the people of Venus, but it will bring valuable data about the planet’s strange atmosphere.

According to Dr. Glyn Collison from Goddard, it is the “sea of ​​charged gas” or the plasma of the planet that emits this radio wave. The radio emission will help provide enough data to calculate the ionosphere density. Scientists are using this to hypothesize that Venus’s ionosphere becomes thinner each time the Sun enters a period of active activity on an 11-year cycle.

Parker Sun’s flight to Venus is actually to use the planet’s gravity to “give momentum” to its eternal voyage to the Sun, but at the same time help us understand more about it. Venus. The new radio signal was discovered by the FIELDS, a device that measures Parker’s electric and magnetic fields.

Venus is one of the targets that are well cared for by planetary scientists, because many recent studies have shown that it was born as the perfect twin brother of the Earth, in the “region of the world. live “Goldilocks of the Sun”. What caused these two planets to evolve in contrast remains a big mystery.

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