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Closure of cultural venues: “I would understand all this better if shopping centers were closed”, explains actress Laura Calu

“I would understand all this better if the shopping centers were closed “, declares on franceinfo the actress Laura Calu, signatory of a forum of cultural actors published this Monday, December 21 on franceinfo. The Council of State examines this Monday morning the summary proceedings filed by cultural actors to request the reopening of the rooms.

“I don’t know what will become of us”, worries Laura Calu who does not feel “not supported” by the government. The actress assures that she could understand the situation “if everything was closed”. “When I see so many people right now, crowded together, queuing in shopping centers where they touch everything, where they don’t even pay attention (…) it means that we are being made fun of”.

For the public, going out, seeing a film, it also allows them to forget, to escape.

In the column published on and entitled “We need you !”, more than 300 comedians, directors, comedians, theater and festival directors call to save culture and its actors. Signatory, Laura Calu says to herself “in total vagueness for months”. For the moment, the comedian “is doing” with its intermittence and its “savings” but she has a particular feeling: “The impression that we are infantilized, that we do not care about the culture when it is a work with thousands of people. ” Laura Calu takes her example when she is on stage : “It requires a team of at least 20 people so that’s a lot of people in trouble today.”

Laura Calu hopes that theaters will reopen, even with a curfew imposed at 8 p.m. “Obviously, we are not going to cover our costs but it is already that (…). For the public, going out, seeing a film, it also allows you to forget, to escape”, argues the actress. “Mental health is super important”, she adds.

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