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Clove can get rid of bad breath, know other home remedies

The nutrients present in green tea reduce the risk of oral diseases.

Often many people complain of bad breath from the mouth. Some people brush daily in the morning and evening, yet their breath smells bad. Health experts also consider poor diet and irregular lifestyle as one of the reasons for this. Apart from this, many serious diseases like diabetes, swollen gums, poor digestive system and pyorrhea in teeth can also cause bad breath. Many times people start running away from you due to bad smell from the mouth, sometimes people’s confidence level also decreases.

bad breath Because of coming, people start feeling hesitant to talk to others. In such a situation, through some home remedies, bad breath can be got rid of.

Cloves: Cloves are used to enhance the taste of food and tea. But it is also effective in getting rid of many types of health problems. Cloves have anti-bacterial properties. It removes the bacteria that cause bad breath in the mouth. In such a situation, you can use cloves to get rid of the smell of the mouth. You can get relief by pressing the clove under the tooth for some time.

Green Tea: You will be surprised to know this but green tea also helps in removing bad breath. The nutrients present in green tea reduce the risk of oral diseases. In such a situation, you can include green tea in your routine.

Fennel and Cardamom: Fennel and cardamom are very effective in getting rid of bad breath. halitosis You can chew on fennel and or cardamom to get rid of it. Bad breath is often the cause of bad breath. In such a situation, chewing fennel after eating can prove beneficial.


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