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Clubs speak out for players’ release during international break

While the issue of the release of the players in selection is thorny, the French unions have expressed their views. Players are allowed to join their national team, under certain conditions.

We can see a little more clearly concerning the release of the players in selection during the next international break (March 22-April 2). This Tuesday, the UCPF (Union of professional football clubs) and Premier League, the two unions of clubs in France published a press release about this very sensitive issue. “The clubs wish that all their international players participating in official matches at stake benefit from the same rights and the same duties as the French internationals”, one can read.

While the South American players will not be able to join their selection, since the matches on the continent have been canceled, the others obviously have the right to join the national team. On the condition all the same that “the health framework required by the French authorities is respected by the foreign federations”. This means that the foreign selections must guarantee a health framework which allows the selected players to avoid a period of isolation of seven days on their return to France.

Players may be banned from selection

In France, anyone arriving from a country that is not part of the European area must observe a period of seven days of isolation. The government has authorized a departure from this rule for professional athletes. With a period of isolation of one week, the 31e Ligue 1 day (April 3-4) would have been devoid of all internationals, the truce ending on March 31 for the Blues in particular. To obtain this exemption, the France team will have to respect a strict health bubble. Foreign players will also have to respect a strict framework at the risk of having to observe a period of isolation or not being able to go to selection.

The press release recalls that “in the absence of guarantees on compliance with these conditions, no player will be released as permitted by FIFA”. Stade Brestois, for example, has already blocked two of its players. Thus Algeria and Benin will be respectively deprived of Haris Belkebla and Steve Mounié. “I had the two coaches on the phone, explained Grégory Lorenzi, the sports director of Brest, to Telegram. I informed them that if the measurements don’t change by then we will be holding Haris and Steve. I also warned the players, who understood ”. A hell of a deal.


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