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“Cluster”, “quatorzaine” …: the 2022 edition of Petit Larousse contaminated by the Covid

“Covid-19”, “coronapist”, “quatorzaine” … 170 new words or meanings are arriving in the Petit Larousse dictionary for the 2022 edition, “Le Figaro” unveiled on Tuesday, May 4. And unsurprisingly, the pandemic has largely influenced the entries.

These words punctuate our lives for a year and we would have preferred not to know them

Among these terms: “asymptomatic” for people who do not present symptoms of a disease (which already existed as an adjective and has become a noun) or “cluster” to designate foci of contagion, but also “nasopharyngeal”, in reference to the sometimes painful sampling carried out by the introduction of a swab in the nose as well as “teleworking”, the practice of which has become more democratic with repeated confinements.

Like “Covid-19”, “SARS-CoV-2” is entitled to its recognition in the dictionary: “Coronavirus discovered in China at the end of 2019, responsible for a highly contagious infectious disease (COVID-19), at the origin of ‘a global pandemic. The word “sheave” is also added as an abbreviation for “resuscitation”.

“Click-withdrawn” and “click and collect”

The novelties concern, as every year, Anglo-Saxon terms which have become common in the French language. In 2022, “batch cooking” makes its debut, defined as a “Culinary practice of planning meals for the week and grouping their preparation into a single weekly cooking session.”

From the Middle Ages to click and collect, here is the essential history of the French bookstore

Another term that has also been popularized thanks to Covid-19: the “click and collect”, Anglicism ” not recommended “ by the Petit Larousse which will prefer its French equivalent “clicked-withdrawn”, which also includes the dictionary.

Lighter, “nounounière” (Quebec term meaning stupidity, stupidity), “emoji” (graphic representation to express an emotion) or “mocktail” (alcohol-free cocktail) will also be in the 2022 edition of the famous dictionary.

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