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Cocumber face mask for glowing and beautiful skin, know how to make it – Skin Care Tips: Use this special pack to avoid dryness and tanning of skin in summer.

In the summer season, the hot winds take away all the appearance of the skin. In this season, strong sunlight, hot winds and increasing pollution take away all the natural moisture of the skin. Wrinkles appear on the face due to exposure to strong sunlight and the face starts looking sick. To get back this lost moisture of the face in summer, it is necessary to take care of the face regularly.

In the name of face care, we only clean the face with face wash, use moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. But you know that facial cleansing is not enough to take care of the face in summer. For beautiful and healthy skin, it is necessary to treat the skin externally and internally. Cucumber pack is the best option for skin treatment. Rich in medicinal properties, this pack will reduce the effect of aging on the skin and will also keep the skin cool.

Cucumber skin benefits: Cucumber, rich in medicinal properties, is a treasure trove of nutrients. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Cucumber can benefit the skin in many ways. Cucumber will remove tanning from the skin as well as remove inflammation. It is very effective in removing the signs of skin puffiness, acne, and premature aging. Cucumber contains 96% water which moisturizes the skin.

Cucumber pack for dry skin: Dryness on the skin is not only in winter, but in summer also the skin becomes dry. To remove dryness of the skin in summer, the use of colk cream makes the skin sticky and black. In such a situation, home remedies are very effective to remove dryness of the skin.

To remove dryness of the skin in summer, as well as to remove tanning, you can apply cucumber pack. Cucumber will hydrate dry skin. The use of aloe vera with cucumber locks the moisture in the skin. Let us know how to prepare a mask of cucumber and aloe vera.

Material: Half Cucumber and Aloe Vera Gel

How to make mask: To make a cucumber mask, take half a cucumber and peel it and blend it. Now filter the cucumber and extract its juice separately. Now add two spoons of aloe vera gel to it and mix it well. Apply the prepared mask on the face and massage the skin with light hands. After massaging the face, leave it on the face for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash the face with cold water. Apply this face mask on the face, in summer the complexion of the face will improve.


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