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“Cold buffet”, death suits them so well

Some cult replicas. Bernard Blier: ” The countryside ? It’s cold, it’s wet, nothing but pain! ” Gérard Depardieu : “Listen to the birds! ” Blier: “Exactly, it’s suspicious, there aren’t any!” ” Later, Depardieu: “A culprit is much less dangerous in freedom than in prison … Because, in prison, he infects the innocent!” ” Depardieu, again: “We’re all visiting. We disembark, we do a little sightseeing, and then we leave. Do you really think it’s worth taking off your coat? To do what ? Catch the death, prematurely? ” It is impossible to sum up the film, a sort of triple monologue between Depardieu, Blier and Carmet, one playing a chômedu guy, the other, a policeman, and the third, an assassin.

Perfectly delectable, totally crazy, and highly depressing

Finally, let’s try (says the critic, a little disarmed): Alphonse (Depardieu), who is waiting for the RER, meets a quidam on a deserted platform. He later finds him with a knife in his stomach, dying. “What’s it like to die?” “, Alphonse asks. The other : “It’s like a sink that you unblock. ” So, a little intrigued, Alphonse goes home. However, with him, it is an ultramodern tower in a “new city”, and it is totally awful. But here comes Morvandiau, a cop a little to the mass (it is Blier father), and the corpses accumulate. An old assassin joins the gang, and it’s Jean Carmet.

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There, we feel the good film. At the end, we find ourselves on a lake with a beautiful creature that oars on a boat. It is Carole Bouquet, who plays “madame death”. It is gay, we will say. Yes, it’s gay, precisely: Bertrand Blier (his father’s son) is an artist of black humor, a magician of the murderous reply. Released in 1979, the film was misunderstood (normal, given the oddity of the story), but very quickly passed to the stage of a little secret gem: it is perfectly delectable, totally crazy, and highly depressing. So good, obviously.

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Saturday October 16 at 8:40 p.m. on OCS Géants. Detective film by Bertrand Blier (1979). With Bernard Blier, Gérard Depardieu, Jean Carmet. 1h30.

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