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Collections: sports cards are still popular

DECRYPTION – While the start-up Sorare has just raised a record fund for its virtual cards, traditional paper stickers are more coveted than ever.

New record! In September, the Parisian start-up Sorare raised $ 680 million. Unheard of in the French high-tech sector. His activity? An online game that consists of collecting cards representing professional footballers, to form a team and compete against those of other users. The value of cards depends on both their rarity – some are very common, others released at just 100, 10, or even a single copy per season – and the performance of players in actual matches. The concept is based on NFTs (non-fungible tokens, tamper-proof digital objects) to allow users to trade or sell cards, sometimes at gold prices. In short, a sort of virtual Panini.

Far from making traditional paper cards outdated, this phenomenon can even boost the market, which is already dynamic. While collectors have never lost their interest in stickers, “They are experiencing a resurgence of interest

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