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Comedian Gaëtan Matis deprogrammed from a Parisian theater after a joke on Zemmour and the Bataclan

A joke that does not pass. The Point-Virgule theater in Paris has announced the cancellation of two performances by comedian Gaëtan Matis, scheduled for Sunday, October 10 and Monday, after the publication of a joke that sparked controversy.

In a “story” on Facebook on Friday, Gaëtan Matis wrote: “If I had a time machine, I would book the Bataclan for the evening of November 13, 2015 in order to organize an evening meeting between Eric Zemmour and his audience. “

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The message immediately triggered the anger of the polemicist and his supporters. “This humorist, friend of Yassine Belattar [un autre humoriste, NDLR], wish the massacre by jihadists of all those who support me. Whose side is the violence on? “Eric Zemmour wrote on Twitter.

The deputy LR of the Alpes-Maritimes Eric Ciotti has castigated on Twitter a point “Abject and disgusting”, calling for Gaëtan Matis to be “Tried and heavily condemned”.

“I do not wish the death of anyone”

The young comedian unpublished his message on Facebook and apologized on Saturday to the victims of the attacks and their families: “It seems that I wrote a joke that slightly overtook me”, he wrote in a statement posted on Instagram on Saturday, acknowledging that “This valve was in bad taste.”

“But I reassure all those who turn up the sauce: I do not wish the death of anyone, and I will not launch any call for violence against anyone., he added. I don’t personally know a jihadist, and I don’t have a time machine. […] This joke is just a joke and absolutely not political talk. “

And to conclude: “I give big kisses on Eric Zemmour’s forehead, hoping to calm his offended soul. “

Mathieu Madénian: “By dint of analyzing humor, we risk killing it”

Not enough to calm the situation: the Point-virgule, which claims that its teams faced all day Saturday at “Threats, insults verbal violence”, finally made the decision to deprogram his two performances. “We have unambiguously condemned his position”, is it added in a statement posted on Twitter.

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As “the Parisian” underlines it, Gaëtan Matis is used to trash humor and provocation. “When I was told that in Paris a glass on the terrace was twenty bucks, I did not expect that”, he had launched after the attacks of November 13, 2015. To the daily in 2017, he explained: “Laughter also helps to relativize the monstrosity of the world. “

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