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Concrete slabs fell like the sky fell on cars

RussiaWiping snow from the windshield, the man looked up and ran away in panic, just as the concrete slab fell straight down on November 19 in Vladivostok.

The SUV was parked in front of a nine-story apartment complex and Alexander was wiping snow-covered on the windshield. Hearing a sound from above, the man looked up and ran away, while the concrete slab fell and hit the car, close to Alexander.

“I was really shocked. How could this have happened? I didn’t think anything at the time, the reaction was just running fast,” said the owner of the SUV, now just a pile of scrap, recount the moment of horror.

After the incident, Alexander’s social network account had more subscribers, and congratulated him “on being a second born”. Some even called for money to help him buy a new car.

Meanwhile, Alexander said he could file a lawsuit. On the side of the building management, the representative said that the concrete slab was dropped due to the heavy and heavy ice.

America – England (according to the RIA)


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