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Conditions for returning home to celebrate Tet are continuously searched for near the 2022 Lunar New Year

Thursday, January 27, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

The search terms “people returning home to celebrate Tet without medical isolation” and “conditions of returning home to celebrate Tet in 63 provinces” increased strongly by more than 650%.

After a tumultuous year, besides safely adjusting to the new normal, Vietnamese people also look forward to a reunion, peace and prosperity. That is clearly shown through the explosion of the keywords “how many more days to Tet”, “conditions for returning home to celebrate Tet in 63 provinces”, along with the topics “Banh Chung”, “Five fruit tray”, “how to cook”, “how to”,… are searched on Google in recent days.

The first day of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger, 2022, coincides with February 1, 2022.

In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic that has not ended and the emergence of a new strain, users rely on Google to update the situation and important information about the travel situation during Tet. According to statistics from Google Trends, the question “how many days until Tet” increased by 250% in the past week.

After many periods of social distancing, Vietnamese people want to return to their hometown to reunite with their families, the keywords “people returning home to celebrate Tet do not have to be isolated from medical care” and “conditions for returning home to celebrate Tet in 63 provinces” The number of searches increased by more than 650%, especially the searches for “regulations on returning home to celebrate Tet in Thanh Hoa” increased by approximately 300%.

For families with children going to school, parents want to know the Tet holiday schedule, which can be shown by searching “Chinese New Year holiday schedule for students in 2022”. Weather forecasting is also a big concern, in which the keyword “forecast weather for Tet in the North” or “will it rain this year” increased sharply near Tet.

"Conditions to return home to celebrate Tet"  searched continuously near the Lunar New Year 2022 - 3

The topics “Banh Chung”, “Five fruit tray” are searched a lot around Tet every year. (Source: Google Trends)

Every year, the topics “Banh chung” and “five-fruit tray” are always in the top keywords that tend to be prominently searched during Tet. This year, in addition to using familiar dong and banana leaves, Vietnamese people are also looking for ways to crush and squeeze water from galangal leaves to create a more beautiful green color for banh chung, expressed through the phrase “how to make banh chung” galangal” searches increased by more than 90% in the past week.

Besides the traditional method, “how to pack banh chung with a smart mold” was also interested with a search rate increased by 110%. As for the theme of the five-fruit tray, depending on the concept and customs of the region, people have different ways of choosing fruits and arranging them. Google Trends has reported that “Northern five-fruit tray” and “How to display five-fruit tray” are two of the keywords of interest in the topic of five-fruit tray.

With the arrival of Tet, the keywords related to “how to make”, “how to cook” increased dramatically. Specifically, “how to make jam” is one of the most interested topics on Google Search in the week leading up to Tet. In addition to typical jam dishes such as coconut jam, pumpkin jam, Vietnamese people also search for new ways to make jams compared to every year, for example the search term “how to make traditional tomato jam” topped the list with rate increased by 700%, followed by “how to make carrot coconut jam without clear lime juice” and “how to make potato fiber jam” increased by more than 250% and 160% respectively.

In addition to typical dishes for Tet such as “braised meat”, “ball soup”, “bee tea”, Vietnamese people are especially interested in “how to cook tea to worship Mr. dried glutinous rice flour” with search rates of 1750% and 400% respectively in the past 7 days. As for sticky rice with gac, the search terms “how to cook sticky rice gac with a rice cooker” and “how to cook sticky rice gac with coconut water” are two of the top 25 most searched phrases under the topic “how to cook”.

Top 10 keywords related to “how to cook” trending in the past 7 days:

1. How to cook tea for Ong Tao

2. How to cook honey porridge for Ong Tao

3. How to cook sticky rice with ginger tea

4. How to cook honey bee tea with molasses

5.How to cook water-dried tea with dry glutinous rice flour

6. How to cook floating tea with glutinous rice flour

7. How to cook floating cake

8. How to cook northern ball soup

9. How to cook braised meat with fish sauce

10. How to cook bee tea


Search volume for Bitcoin, stocks increased

Notably, this is also the field with a keyword that has grown by 2,000% – “vps price list”.


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