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Congress leader did not want to make Priyanka Gandhi face in UP, Prashant Kishor told the reason

Prashant Kishor had told that before the 2017 UP elections, he had asked Priyanka Gandhi to be the face of Congress, but the Congress leaders were not ready for it.

All the political parties have started their preparations for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Priyanka Gandhi is in the fray from the Congress side. But during the 2017 assembly elections, many other Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi did not want Priyanka to be made the face of the party. This was mentioned by Prashant Kishor himself in an interview. Prashant had told that his first meeting with Rahul Gandhi was in Patna. It was here that Rahul Gandhi offered him to work for the Congress in the UP elections.

Recalling the UP elections, Prashant Kishor while talking to ‘The Lallantop’ had said, “Earlier I was a little confused about this offer. Obviously I must have consulted my colleagues. He had said that if UP wins, nothing can be bigger than this. I then worked in UP for about three months and made a plan for the Congress. However, initially Rahul Gandhi was not ready for some things.

Prashant Kishor says, when I put the entire plan in front of the Congress, according to him some things were objectionable. Like making Priyanka Gandhi the face of the party and getting Sonia Gandhi to launch the entire campaign. Discussion took place for three months and in June he listened to me. Then the campaign started again and the proof of this is that there was a good air of Congress on the ground. But the alliance with Samajwadi Party proved to be the most harmful move.

PK wanted to break away from Congress: Strategist Prashant Kishor had said in another interview, ‘I was never in favor of an alliance between the Congress and the Samajwadi Party. But senior Congress leaders felt that it would be beneficial if the party went to the polls with the SP. This did not happen and my only fault is that I did not dissociate myself from the Congress even if I did not want to.

Let us tell you, in the year 2017, Congress and Samajwadi Party had contested the elections together. In these elections, the Congress had won 7 seats and the Samajwadi Party 47 seats. At the same time, BJP got more than 300 seats in UP and Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister of the state.


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