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‘Consider Korean cars and then I buy Japanese cars’

Last year I also wanted to buy a Kona because it was affordable, but ended up taking out a loan to buy a Subaru Forester.

After reading the article ‘Only Vietnam has a war between Japan and Korea’, I think it’s time for this story to come to an end. If we look at the US car market, we can confirm that Japanese cars are superior to Korean cars, both in terms of sales and reliability.

But in the Vietnamese market, it’s different, this is “first responsibility, then responsibility”. Vietnamese people strongly believe in the quality of Japanese cars, which makes some Japanese automakers pinch and despise them. Another reason is that the quality of Japanese cars in Vietnam is worse than in foreign markets, because companies cut quality to reduce prices. If the car quality remains the same as in the US market, it will be proportional to the price and when the car arrives in Vietnam, the majority of car buyers cannot bear it.

Finally, I think I still have to thank Korean cars for pulling the price of Japanese cars down, the quality has also increased…. I myself am an old person, so I still choose to trust Japanese cars. Last year, I planned to buy a Kona because it was affordable, but then decided to take out a loan to “marry you” Subaru Forester imported from Thailand (not enough money to buy a Subaru imported from Japan). I am completely satisfied with my choice.

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