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Consume these dry fruits during pregnancy, it is beneficial for both mother and child

Do not consume dry fruits without expert advice. If your specialist allows you to eat it, then definitely get complete information about it from them.

A woman’s body needs adequate nutrition during pregnancy. During this time many changes take place in a woman’s body. Due to which women have to face a lot of problems. In such a situation, the body of a pregnant woman needs to take a good amount of nutrients.

The mother needs adequate nutrition during pregnancy, as the nutrition from the mother helps in the overall development of the foetus. More and more vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients during pregnancy are beneficial for both mother and baby. Along with nutritious fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, dry fruits are also considered important for the health of the mother.

But pregnant women are generally advised to refrain from taking hot things. Because most dry fruits are also hot in nature, they are forbidden to be taken during pregnancy. However, you can eat them after soaking them in water overnight. Come, let us know from Gynecologist Dr. System Ahale, which dry fruits and nuts can be eaten during pregnancy and how safe is this food?

Dr. Pranali Ahale told in a conversation with that dry fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals which are important sources of nutrition during pregnancy. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and fructose are found in abundance in dry fruits. Apart from this, nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc phosphorus etc. are also found in it. By eating them, the bones of the child are strong and there is better development of the brain. Along with this, the complaint of weakness and anemia in the pregnant woman is also removed. Keep in mind that dry fruits should be consumed in their natural form instead of frying or coating them.

According to Dr. System, protein, calcium and other minerals are found in abundance in almonds. Almond helps in controlling high blood pressure in pregnant women as well as in the development of the child. The best way to consume almonds is to soak 6-8 pieces overnight and consume them after removing the skin in the morning.

He told that almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, dates, raisins, chilgoza etc. can be consumed. It is beneficial for the development of both mother and child. But if you are overweight, then you should avoid eating dry fruits like cashews with high amount of fat and sugar. Eating more dryfruits can lead to gas, bloating in the stomach and the risk of high blood pressure. However, before taking dry fruits, you must also consult your specialist once so that any kind of problem does not come to the fore.


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