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Cope at the Bygmalion trial: “You have to ask who benefits”

Since the start of the trial, not a day of hearing has ended without his name being mentioned. It was not lost on anyone. And even the “witness” Jean-François Cope, supposed to ignore all of the debates until his hearing, got wind of it. “Journalists called me to find out”, assures the former minister, the former deputy, the former boss of the UMP, who has now become the simple mayor of Meaux (Seine-et-Marne).

The prefect Lambert gets annoyed at the Bygmalion trial: “It’s strong coffee to be accused of that”

On the benches of the press, incredulous exchange of glances. Reading the media was probably enough to keep him informed of the debates day after day. Jean-François Copé continues, in front of a crowded courtroom: “I was told how my ears were ringing during this trial. What my name is pronounced, for a witness, while other names never are! “

No one will be able to contradict him. Jean-François Cope has been seasoned with all the sauces for three weeks, while at the end of the investigation, after being placed under the status of assisted witness, he was dismissed. The empty chair of Nicolas Sarkozy, dismissed for illegal financing of the electoral campaign, and who will not come until June 15, the day of his hearing, has so far provoked only soft indifference.

No invoices or checks

Cardboard shirt under the arm, accompanied by his lawyers Hervé Temime and Julia Minkowski, Jean-François Copé is a “scapegoat & n

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