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Coriander-mint leaves rot in two days, then follow these measures, they will remain fresh even without a fridge

Kitchen Tips and Tricks: It is necessary to be cautious about food and drink in the summer season, there is a fear of spoilage due to some items being left outside for some time. Do not run the fridge for a while, then the freshness of the goods kept inside is affected. In this season, the consumption of these things also increases in sherbet and chutney. In such a situation, people bring coriander-mint filled from the markets. But if they are not kept properly then these leaves start rotting within one to two days. In such a situation, let us know about some home remedies that will help people in reducing this problem –

Mint leaves will remain fresh: Many kitchen experts suggest that to keep mint leaves fresh, they should be taken care of only after bringing them from the market. You bring these leaves from the market in bundles. As soon as you come home, first of all, open these leaves and separate them. First, separate or break them from the root. Now see if some of these leaves are bad, remove them. If the leaves are not very spoiled, wash them immediately and put them in vegetable or chutney.

For the rest of the detached leaves, place a jar full of water and insert the leaves into them stem-side up. Keep in mind that the leaves should be on the outside. From above you keep a soaked cloth on them.

Follow these steps to keep it longer: If you want to keep mint fresh for a long time, then remove the ice tray from the fridge and wash it and keep the separated mint leaves in it. Then put some water in it and keep it in the freezer. This will keep the leaves fresh for a long time.

How to Keep Coriander Leaves Fresh: According to experts, people can use turmeric and water to keep green coriander fresh for more days. Coriander does not get spoiled by this, as well as its taste also comes out brightly. After bringing these leaves from the market, clean them and cut them from the stem and separate the green coriander. Now put some water and a spoonful of turmeric powder in a bowl, now keep the leaves in that bowl as well.

After half an hour take out the green coriander, wash it completely and dry it well. After drying completely, wrap the coriander leaves in a tissue so that the paper absorbs the extra water present in it. Now take an air tight box and spread other tissue paper in it and keep the leaves closed.

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