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Corolla Cross, Kia Seltos used to buy more expensive than new car

Due to shortages and high customer demand, the surf models of the Seltos and Corolla Cross lines sold tens of millions of dong better than the list price of new cars.

Although the market is dropping prices, launching many promotions to combat the reduced purchasing power due to the impact of Covid-19, some models still go in the opposite direction, because of high customer demand, while the supply is dripping. Customers who can’t wait for a new car have turned to buying surf cars, which are new cars that have only been running for a few months or a year. Because of this shift, the price of a new car will be higher than the listed price of a new car, while normally, a surfer will sell for a few tens of millions less than the listed price of a new car.

Toyota Corolla Cross and Kia Seltos are two such models. In the market of used cars, surf cars, these two models have a higher price of 20-80 million VND compared to new cars. Specifically as follows, the price may vary from 10-15 million depending on the showroom as well as individual sellers, but not much.

Car model New car price New wheel rack Surfing car price
Corolla Cross 1.8 WOOD 720 820 750
Corolla Cross 1.8 DRAW 820 930 860
Corolla Cross 1.8 HV 910 1.020 980
Seltos 1.4 Premium 719 820 780
Seltos 1.6 Premium 679 780 750
Seltos 1.4 Luxury 649 740 690
Seltos 1.4 Deluxe 599 690 620

(Unit: million dong)

There are currently no models on the market that are “hot” enough to create an unusual pricing scheme like these two names. Both launched in 2020, these two models quickly won the hearts of users and had good sales in the segment when on average each model was about 1,000-1,200 cars/month, a number to ensure a position in the top 10 best-selling cars. While the Corolla Cross is imported from Thailand, the supply is therefore very difficult due to Covid-19, while Kia Seltos, although assembled in the country, is not available, due to the lack of components at the factory, a common “headache” of the whole industry. global car today.

The price of buying a surf car is more expensive than the listed price of a new car, but calculating the rolling cost, ie the total amount that customers have to spend, it is still cheaper to buy a surf car. Because, customers do not have to pay up to 10-12% of the registration fee, but only have to pay 2% for used cars. Looking at the price list above, surfing cars are still cheaper than the cost of rolling new wheels by tens of millions.

Model Seltos at the time of launch. Image: Dac Thanh

Although the price is high, but the car surfing to the salon is usually sold immediately after only 3-7 days, this time is quite short compared to the old car, which is usually half a month to a whole month, even a few months. Customers who want a car to go or do not accept to buy “beer with peanuts” with a new car, should switch to a surf car.

Both of these models are offered for sale second-hand cars produced in 2020. Some used car stores said that in the past, there were also some models with virtual fever, which temporarily pushed the price of cars to surf higher than cars. new as Vios, CR-V in 2017-2018.

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