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Covid-19: Agnès Buzyn “does not regret any decision” on the management of the crisis

She’ll have “One day the opportunity to tell this story”. The former Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn returned this Sunday, October 10 to CNews on her indictment for “endangering the lives of others” as part of the management of the Covid-19 epidemic. She assured no regrets “No decision”.

“I am testifying regularly, being heard by judges”, she explained, describing auditions “Relatively short », Before the imminent start of the actual instruction. “Imagine that I could have committed an act that would harm anyone’s health, yes, it’s painful”, regretted the former minister.

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The Court of Justice of the Republic drowned by “thousands of complaints” related to the management of the Covid-19

“I have the nerves because I have my conscience for me”, she added.

Wishing ” to preserve [sa] word for the judges ”, Agnès Buzyn however assured: “I do not regret any decision”. “I think that France was very early in its alert and in its response”, she explained. She’ll have “One day the opportunity to tell this story, it itches me”, she says.

“I think the truth will come”

Agnès Buzyn, who was also placed under the more favorable status of assisted witness for “Voluntary abstention from fighting a disaster”, now lives “Under police protection”. “That’s life and I don’t hold it against anyone, because I think this pandemic has been a real shock for the French. “

“We felt somewhere invulnerable, like all western countries, with strong health systems, so I understand this fear phenomenon, but I think the truth will come”, she continued.

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Masks: investigation into the scandal of a shortage

Agnès Buzyn was indicted on September 10 by the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR). In this same case, the CJR is also conducting an investigation on Olivier Véran, who succeeded Agnès Buzyn as Minister of Health, and on former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

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Searches had taken place in September 2020 in the homes or offices of Olivier Véran, Edouard Philippe, Agnès Buzyn, but also Sibeth Ndiaye, the Director General of Health Jérôme Salomon and the Director General of Public Health France, Geneviève Chêne.

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