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Covid-19: “One hour to save French cinema”, theaters ask for flexibility in curfew times

Richard Patry, president of the National Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF), asked Thursday, October 15 on franceinfo to the Prime Minister and the Head of State to allow spectators who went to the cinema before 9 p.m. to return home after the start of the curfew. “I went to Paris at 8 pm to the cinema, my screening ends at 9:35 pm. It’s been 35 minutes to save culture”, he explained. Richard Patry advocates “a measure of common sense” to save movie theaters in France. “40% of people go to the cinema at night”, he recalled.

franceinfo: How do you receive the announcement of the curfew?

Richard Patry: “We don’t want to close. The only thing we want is not to close the cinemas. We have been fighting since June 22 to reopen them. We are struggling. Little by little we are getting there. The President of the Republic has said it, cinemas will be safe places. There has not been a cluster in a cinema hall in France or even in the world. More than 20 million spectators have returned to theaters are not enough, but it’s still huge. 20 million since the reopening and not a single cluster. But it’s true that 40% of people go to the cinema at night. “

What proportion do the evening sessions represent?

“Almost half of the screenings are in the evening. Our problem is that these eight cities represent almost half of the attendance in France. So, if today, we can no longer go to the cinema in the evening around 7 pm or 8 pm, what’s going to happen? Already, the American films are almost all gone. We have some high-quality French films. We have won back some of the spectators, not all, but some of the spectators, but it is sure that if we have to do the last screenings at 6:35 p.m. or 40, there will be more spectators in these theaters in the big cities and therefore there will be more films, so all the cinemas will go to close.”

What solutions do you offer?

“All moviegoers have a ticket in France. On this ticket, there is the time of the screening and the day of the screening. If the screening started before the time of confinement, you can go home. C “is a simple measure. You can go home. I went to Paris at 8 pm to the cinema, my session ends at 9:35 pm It’s been 35 minutes to save the culture. You can’t cheat. Everyone has a ticket in cinemas. And in addition, we spread the returns. At 9 pm, everyone will go out 15 minutes before the time of the curfew and we will clutter up. There, we will spread the returns. is a measure of common sense. And an hour to save culture. An hour to save French cinema. It is not much. “

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