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Creatures that only exist on other planets that appear on Earth?

Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 17:05 PM (GMT + 7)

Surprise analysis of the Earth’s polar “underworld” shows signs of a bizarre “dark life form” that science thinks will only be found on Mars or Pluto.

A team of scientists from Florida State University and Motana State University examined the subglacial waters in the Antarctic and the Arctic Greenland Ice Islands. According to, they have found that these waters contain higher concentrations of life-sustaining elements than previously thought, suggesting that it is time to review geochemical and evolutionary processes. lives on Earth.

Glaciers in Greenland – Photo: JON HAWKINGS

For example, scientists are expected to find less than 5 micrograms of dissolved iron per liter of water in these subglacial lakes. However, they detected more than 1,000 micrograms per liter! The same is true of the concentrations of many other trace elements. This directly affects the extent to which life is and is sustained in this harsh and only dark world.

“These trace elements are like vitamins that we take every day. Just a small amount of these materials are enough to underpin the development of healthy ecosystems” – Associate Professor Robert Spencer, an expert in the science of Earth, ocean and atmosphere from Florida State University, said.

The above evidence was found directly through a core drilled more than 1 km deep into Lake Mercer Subglacia, an underground lake more than 9 km long and 15 m deep, located in Antarctica. Some indirect evidence suggests that other lakes in Antarctica and Greenland are similar.

Speaking on EurekAlert, Dr. Jon Hawking, who is working with both universities, said 10% of the Earth is currently covered with ice and that the worlds are changing constantly due to the warm process. global. Complex geochemical processes continue and it is possible that underground lakes with interesting life forms will increase.

This is a finding of special significance. Astronomers, especially NASA, have long hoped to search for alien life forms in alien underground lakes, for example on Mars or Pluto, that have been identified to resemble lakes. Antarctic underground. This new discovery not only gives us the chance to access life-forms that might be unique to other planets, but also helps guide future space missions.

The study just published in the scientific journal PNAS also noted that the biggest difficulty is that accessing the underground worlds right on this Earth is also very difficult, because they are located in very deep locations. harshest.

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