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Crossings attempts on the rise

The Pas-de-Calais prefecture recorded 968 attempted crossings, between the 1er January and September 25, 2020. 444 were interrupted by the French authorities and 524 were successful. In addition 166 discoveries of boats or materials to aid the crossing, represent as many attempts prevented. For its part, Agence France-Presse counted, between 1er January and September 22, at least 1,317 migrants intercepted by French authorities.

In 2019, the French authorities had counted 261 crossings or attempted crossings. 2,358 migrants had been rescued at sea.

In 2018, the number of people rescued was four times less (586). 276 people reached “Reach British waters and coasts”, according to the Interior Ministry. London, for its part, had counted the number of attempts at 539.

In 2017, the Maritime Prefecture estimated the number of attempts to cross at 13.


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