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Crystal ball gear lever on Korean luxury cars

Luxury brand Genesis shows off one of the GV60’s most exciting features, describing it as a “crystal ball” gear lever.

When turned off, the crystal ball is designed like a paperweight and has light emitted. When the car is started, the sphere automatically rotates to reveal the glossy metal surface. The driver will rotate the ball to choose R, N or D, or press the button on the ball to choose P.

Photo: Genesis

In addition to the special gear lever, the GV60 shares the E-GMP electric vehicle platform with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 models, but in the more advanced segment. Currently Genesis has not revealed detailed specifications of the luxury electric car, but is expected to have the same battery pack and electric motor as the two “brothers”.

The appearance of the electric car is crossover-style with the same proportions as the Ioniq and EV6. But the long and rounded bonnet, the fastback-style tail with a spoiler, and the low ground clearance make the GV60 look more like a tall hatchback than a crossover.

GV60 electric crossover.  Photo: Genesis

GV60 electric crossover. Photo: Genesis

For the first time, Genesis uses a digital rearview mirror with external cameras, and the image is displayed on the upper part of the two screens at the base of the A-pillar. The infotainment system knob is silver, colored leather. cobalt blue with elements borrowed from the G80 and GV80 models.

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