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Culture: cinemas are busy welcoming the public after six months of closure


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The cinemas are preparing to welcome the public, with a reduced size and strict compliance with sanitary rules.

It will finally be able to reopen in six days, after six months of closure. Like the others, this cinema manager will have to respect a 35% occupancy gauge. “You can sit down from here and leave two empty seats each time, but we’ll take care of the seating.”, indicates Frédéric Perrin, director of the cinema “Le Prado” (Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône). Traditional popcorn will be banned. But for the public, whatever. “In the week, we’re going. As soon as it opens”, says a man. “We have a teenager at home who is just waiting for this”, assures a passerby.

In Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), to reassure spectators, this cinema has installed air purifiers that filter Covid residues. Coupon of the operation: € 25,000. “It is the least of things vis-à-vis the public that shows its confidence in us and if that encourages other people to come or to come back, so much the better!”, says Jean-Luc Jung, director of Trotec France. All over France, projectionists are working behind the scenes to put the machines back into operation.

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