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Customers have to pay an additional $ 18,000 to test drive a Kia

AmericaThe dealer believes that the Kia Telluride model is in stock, so the price should increase from 15,000 to 18,000 USD and if the customer accepts the test drive.

According to the sticker at the dealer door, buyers can only test drive the Telluride SUV model when they agree to pay an additional $ 15,000-18,000 at the suggested retail price. The specific message is as follows:

The notice indicates the amount the dealer has increased on the Telluride model and the customer agrees to pay this extra amount before the test drive. Image: Drewpow

“Congratulations! You have identified the most sought-after car in the world. Kia Telluride 2021 – this is the highest-rated SUV on the market. But you already know that, and that’s the reason for it. You come here today, because of the special limited quantity and the popularity Telluride sells, coupled with an adjustable market price, around $ 15,000-18,000 beyond the suggested price.

We can’t order you one, we can’t sell one. Colors and options that we currently have in stock are what you can buy today. If what we have available is something you can own at an adjustable price, then we’re glad to give you a test drive. If these conditions make you uncomfortable, we would appreciate it if you stopped shopping because we are unable to offer a test drive at this time anyway. We encourage monitoring of dealer product updates “.

Telluride 2021 - SUV with a starting price of $ 32,000 in the US for the standard version.  Photo: Kia

Telluride 2021 – SUV with a starting price of $ 32,000 in the US for the standard version. Image: That

In the US, the Kia Telluride SX 2021 starts at $ 44,400 for the all-wheel drive. Add a list of car price options that can go up to 53,000 USD. But the dealer on the sale of the Korean automaker’s SUV for $ 80,000, up about $ 27,000 and turns the Telluride into a product in the luxury segment.

With the money the dealer asks for the Kia Telluride, customers can choose from a variety of other luxury SUVs. Just about $ 55,000, customers can already own a Genesis GV80, Mercedes GLE or Audi Q7. As for $ 80,000, there will be a BMW X7 with a handful of options.

America – England (according to the Motor1)


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