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Customers who buy VinFast Lux pay 60 million dong in advance

Buyers of VinFast Lux line this month continue to use preferential vouchers, enjoy a flexible installment policy, with the cost of ownership from 60 million.

VinFast extends the usage period of the voucher “Voucher of gratitude and love” until the end of October 2020. Accordingly, customers using this voucher to buy a Lux A2.0 car will receive a discount of 80 million VND, and Lux ​​SA2.0 to be reduced by 120 million VND.

Seamless car VinFast Lux A2.0. Image: VinFast.

In addition, this company is also flexible in applying the form of deduction of preferential interest rates to the initial reciprocal cost for car buyers with installments, interest free for the first two years or a discount of 10% for direct customers. This program is applied in conjunction with incentives such as the full exemption of registration fees, use of vouchers given when buying a Vinhomes house. If participating in the program “exchange old for new”, customers will receive an additional 50 million in cash.

With the support of deducting interest from the initial reciprocal cost when buying an installment car, customers spend 60 million dong to receive Lux A2.0 or 85 million dong to receive Lux SA2.0. To get the above price, this company has deducted the interest-free incentive to the original cost when the customer receives the car.

The domestic auto market in September recorded the rise of VinFast with sales of 3,626 cars sold. This is the highest number of cars sold in a month ever by VinFast. In particular, Fadil still maintains a stable performance in the leading position in segment A. Lux cars exceeded the sales milestone of 2,000 units for the first time, Lux A2.0 reached the consumption of 804 units and 1,307 units for Lux SA2.0. . Cumulative sales reached 2,111 vehicles, up 227.3% over the previous month.

The Lux SA2.0 duo during the experience trip.

The Lux SA2.0 duo during the experience trip.

“Car manufacturers are in the race to launch their products to get 50% discount on registration fees according to the Government’s Decree, so the market has a lot of options,” said an administrator of a car forum in Vietnam. . “VinFast’s growth shows that its products are attracting customers’ eyes. Nearly 2 years ago, Lux cars have not had any major problems or errors, Vietnamese people are gradually eliminating worries about quality. and its durability. Besides, the company has continuously launched many unprecedented policies and incentives in the market “.

VinFast Lux A2.0 and Lux ​​SA2.0 are both equipped with 8-speed automatic transmission, 2.0 turbocharged engine, 6 airbags, 13-speaker audio system. With a series of top safety technologies such as ABS, EBD, BA, electronic balance, anti-slip … both VinFast models are certified 5-star safety by Asean NCAP, the highest level for cars. .

All VinFast Lux cars sold on the market are entitled to a 5-year or 165,000 km warranty, 24/7 free rescue service during the warranty period, free parking every 6 hours at Vincom, Vinhomes. nationwide.

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