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Daniel Auteuil surprises as a singer on his first album “If you had known me”

Daniel Auteuil dons a costume where we did not expect him in this new school year: the twice-Cesarised actor plays the singer and released on Friday September 17, at the age of 71, his first album as an author and performer, If you had known me. The opportunity to make him speak on the music and his inspirations.

In his bassinet, backstage, Auteuil hears his parents, lyric singers. “At four years old, I remember being the son of Madame Butterfly “, opera character played by his mother, he says. At home, in Avignon, we listen to Luis Mariano on the radio, “my mom was crazy about him“, Bourvil (also singer), Annie Cordy, the Compagnons de la chanson, or”the young Charles Aznavour, of whom people say: with his hoarse voice, he will not go far (laughs)“.

The first 33 rpm purchased are those of Johnny Hallyday, Claude François and Nougaro. “A guy reminds me a lot of Nougaro, it’s (Eddy) De Pretto, who shakes things up, I love this guy“.

I’m crazy about Adamo, I love him out of frustration (laughs): he went to Avignon when I was young, I had gone out the two evenings before, and that evening my grandparents who told me kept kept me from going out, but I heard it through the open window“.”He came to see me at the Francofolies (where Auteuil sang in mid-July), we know each other a little, I told him that I loved him a long time ago, everything is fine (laughs)“.

The first slap as a spectator in concert “it’s Reggiani, opening act for Barbara“. He admits it, it’s because”he is also an actor and that I wanted to be an actor at that time“He also resumes Reggiani today on stage.

If you had known me, the first album which comes out on Friday, began in homage to his mother, after the discovery of a little note that she had left him in a collection of poems by Paul-Jean Toulet. He set it to music, like other famous authors, alongside texts of his own.

Then he met Gaëtan Roussel, leader of Louise Attaque, to whom he asked for arrangements “in the mood of time“.

When I sing Voltaire, it feels like it was written the day before (laughs).

I am totally unconscious, if I had had a minimum of musical knowledge, I would have known that putting Toulet’s poems to music is impossible, it is not square, not the right number of feet (laughs), but there was an overwhelming urge“.

Before meeting Roussel, Daniel Auteuil began to compose alone on the guitar, in boxes at the theater, in caravans on film sets. The guitar only entered his life “four years ago”.

I had bought a guitar for my son who is left-handed like me, then he quit. I took lessons with a great teacher, who msaid: don’t bother with arpeggios! Have fun composing!“.”I said to myself: but I only know three chords …, and then I dissect other people’s songs and I say to myself ah that’s all, sometimes there are only two chords. It went like that“.

I got caught up in the game, I’m starting to trust myself (as a singer-songwriter). After a while, it’s the same as when we act as an actor: at the beginning we go to see the rushes during the shooting, then afterwards we don’t care, we feel when it’s fluid“.

Obviously, with humor, he sometimes wonders if the rooms “are not met with people subsidized to please the old actor that I am (laughs)“The reminders of the public, delighted at the Francos in July, can reassure him.

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