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Danny Glover, Samuel L. Jackson and Liv Ullmann to be recognized by the Academy of Oscars in January 2022

Two iconic black American actors, Danny Glover and Samuel L. Jackson, and Norwegian star Liv Ullmann, muse of Ingmar Bergman, will be awarded by the American film institution, announced the Academy of Oscars Thursday, June 24.

Noticed in The Color Purple by Steven Spielberg, then alongside Mel Gibson in the saga The lethal Weapon, Danny Glover will be presented with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Prize at the “Governor Awards” ceremony on January 15, 2022. This prize is an Oscar irregularly awarded by the Academy to reward an individual “whose humanitarian action has brought honor to the film industry”.

“Danny Glover has campaigned for decades for justice and human rights, a testament to his commitment to recognition of this humanity that we share, both on and off the screen”, Academy Award President David Rubin said in a statement.

Samuel L. Jackson, Liv Ullmann and actress, screenwriter and director Elaine May will receive an honorary Oscar next January. “Cultural icon” international for David Rubin, Samuel L. Jackson has distinguished himself in films by Spike Lee (Do the Right Thing) and Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Django Unchained). He has also become a recurring character in many Marvel films with his role as Nick Fury, the one-eyed and grumpy boss of SHIELD He appears in more than a hundred feature films, including the saga Star wars where he plays a Jedi knight, Mace Windu.

Norwegian theater actress Liv Ullmann, 82, has been internationally revealed for her role in Persona Ingmar Bergman in 1967, before starring in several other films by the Swedish director with whom she had a daughter. She also moved on to directing (Sofie, then Unfaithful) while continuing to play on the boards.

As for the American Elaine May, 89, she wrote and directed her first film. A New Leaf in 1971, as well as Mikey and Nicky and Ishtar, but it is above all as a screenwriter that she became known, with Heaven can wait (1978) and Primary Colors (1998) which each earned him an Oscar nomination. She also signed the screenplay for Tootsie.

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