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Dare to decorate with Japandi, a clever mix of Scandinavian and Japanese styles!

Far, very far, from interiors in punchy colors, the “Japandi” is beginning to impose itself in our living rooms. Japandi? Understand a clever mix of Scandinavian and Japanese styles. A hybrid style that combines the concept of “hygge” (the Danish version of Anglo-Saxon cocooning) and “wabi-sabi” (the Japanese art of living, advocating the contemplation of passing time and the cult of beauty in all thing).

Thus, any follower of Japandi combines without complex his furniture in blond wood from the Far North with ceramic and stone objects from the land of the Rising Sun. Result: a natural touch, in an atmosphere of happy sobriety. Concretely, we favor minimalist and raw materials, we focus on functional comfort, but restful. Rather than wanting a tidy house with new furniture, we adapt to our environment and sublimate the aesthetics of the imperfections that surround us.

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The must: exhibit only what seems essential and throw away the superfluous – the Nordic-Japanese decoration playing on the purity of the lines, the modesty of the forms, the neutrality of the colors… But while assuming the contrasts. For example: a hard concrete floor combined with a soft shag rug, a black raw wood table standing out from an immaculate wall, a bamboo or rice paper suspension, above a Danish designer armchair .

Coedition, the family spirit at the service of design

At Drugeot manufacture, specializing in eco-responsible furniture, designer Koji Yano signs small soliflore clocks in wood and brass, while Pierre Rochepeau imagined BIBLIOFLEUR, a light oak bookcase, with shelves interspersed with ceramic carafes, to marry with the Canopy round table whose wood cutting work creates Chinese shadows on the floor and on the wall. At Serax, the lamps and suspensions are made from recycled paper. They are hand-woven cotton at Ay illuminate, with a rudimentary appearance that gives them nobility.

For Camille, who made her one-bedroom apartment in Toulouse a perfect example of the genre, “Japanese design, less publicized than the Scandinavian, is above all a philosophy of life. He speaks of the impermanence of beings and objects, and of the taste for aged things to access harmony. It would almost sound like a wellness manual. And which touches just in this busy time, encouraging more simplicity. So, rather than repainting her faded walls, Camille left them as they were, “ rough and dirty ». So much so that the floral wallpaper, torn by the years, manages to impose itself with grace.

Design makes its green revolution

1- Bench 153B (Artek)

Bench Bench 153B

Made by the famous Finnish designer Alvar Aalto in 1945 and reinterpreted by designer Jo Nagasaka in 2019, the 153B bench combines the best of Nordic and Japanese craftsmanship. It can be used as a seat, side table or bedside table, in your hallway, bedroom or dressing room.

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2- Rubber tree planter, Florian

Rubber tree planters, Florian

Rubber tree planters, Florian

Timeless, simple and elegant, the planter is the essential accessory in any Japandi interior since plants are always part of a decor where nature is privileged.


3- Hiruki stool by designer Jean-Louis Iratzoki, in solid oak

Hiruki stool

Hiruki stool

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Originally from the Basque Country, Alki offers furniture with a simple and refined design, favoring a practical aspect. The Kiruki stool is the reinterpretation, by Jean-Louis Iratzoki, of a trans stool ( passed from generation to generation within his family, and this since 1940.

4- Z1 bamboo pendant lamp with hand-woven cotton (Ay Illuminate)

Bamboo Z1 pendant lamp

Bamboo Z1 pendant light

Cocooning and warm atmosphere with this hand-woven cotton suspension to give a raw appearance, and designed by the Dutch Ay Lin Heinen and Nelson Sepulveda. A very natural style with a little exotic touch.

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