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Day 1/10: our hymn to love

We talk about love for the motherland, love for one’s profession, love between friends, love for work, love between parents and children, between brothers and between relatives, love for neighbor and ‘love for God’, notes Pope Benedict XVI in the first lines of his encyclical Deus caritas is published in 2005. We still talk about love for life, art, nature, animals, good things … This proliferation can give the feeling of a hackneyed word. But we can also interpret it as pointing this movement of the human being towards realities which are external to him, which attract him, captivate him, mobilize him, stimulate him … A powerful movement, which cannot be explained, which can produce the best, but also the worst … There are intrusive, badly directed, disorderly loves that isolate instead of pushing to go out and surpass oneself. “Made for love, we have in each of us” a lawecstasy : going out of oneself to find in others an increase in being. This is why man must in any case carry out this enterprise: to come out of himself “, writes Pope Francis in Fratelli tutti (n ° 88). It is on this exit movement that The cross wanted to deepen, even as we live in a world tempted by withdrawal into oneself. For two weeks, we will explore the different dimensions of love, from its expression in the marriage and family to its social and political expression, without forgetting its artistic fruitfulness. To testify that “Love is the most universal, the most formidable and the most mysterious of cosmic energies”, in the words of the Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, one of the great thinkers of the XXe century.


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